The Chinese break forward

We all know that the eastern peoples with a cunning. You can understand this definition in different ways. From the best shades to the worst. After all, people are different and their actions are also.

This is me to the fact that the Chinese and American markets are constantly changing places in the struggle for the first place of car sales on the planet. In February 2011, the United States became the leader, and in March China regained his lost leadership. And how can it be if the Chinese headed to reduce car sales?

The conclusion suggests itself: the Chinese Association of automakers either does not have accurate data (what is not very believed with a planned economy), or they do not want to provide accurate information.

I think the desire to be the best is fighting here – and this is a grandious PR for both the market itself and for Chinese automakers. At the same time, one must somehow deal with the gigantic oversaturation of Beijing and other large cities in cars. After all, during the peak hours, these cities are simply paralyzed.

So such metamorphoses of the Chinese car market are obtained: either he is the first, then the second. And the influence of the state on sales in the country is very impressive – as it should, they will sell!

In general, we can safely conclude: the realities are unlikely to show us. There are subtexts, perhaps even political, which we are not known. One thing is clear: two super market markets came far away and it is almost impossible to catch up with them.

Subscription from January 2012: it seems that they still know how to count. They are a little sly, and their people really want to ride their own cars. Apparently, for the Chinese, this became prestigious to go to work in a personal car. And there is nothing to be done about this – people are growing, following their country.