Struggle against diseases of a social nature

In Russia, the long -term target program “Warning and fighting social diseases in the regions”. The main problem is HIV infection and sexual transmitted diseases. But even here, specialists and deputies who worked on the document can be understood: whether they are able to feed all the hungry, clean the atmosphere, groundwater and soil during the night? Are they able to globally affect state policy to consolidate social guarantees? It is unlikely. But the purchase of new equipment and drugs, the introduction of new regular units for skin and venereological dispensaries is quite in the forces of regional authorities. Moreover, the presence of syphilis or gonorrhea among voters does not save the latter either from tuberculosis, nor from bad ecology, or from anxieties and nightmares. A program aiming the area to combat funny diseases that are social in nature is generally favorably adopted by the Duma committees. And most deputies did not cause questions. Well, in fact, with which person a young political filter, who has not been engaged in anything, calling the “protection of folk interests”, will be interested in the relevance of the purchase of the Gene AMP ampflower or the Waldmann UV 1000 to the ultraviolet cabin? Everything is right, so that the next generation is healthier, you need to take care of today.