Bolivia threatens to take strict measures against embassies interfering in its internal affairs

The leadership of Bolivia can take rather strict measures against embassies that interfere in its internal affairs. Such a statement was made today by Amanda Dula, who holds the position of Minister of Communications of the Republic. According to her, in the event that it comes to extremes, then the Bolivia government “does not tremble” take rather severe measures against those embassies that will decide to intervene in the internal political situation.

Evo Morales, the head of state threatened last week, which could close the American embassy. He said: “We have self -esteem. And without the United States, it will be better for us both in economic and politically. “. The leader of Bolivia also noted that he has other allies. Amanda Dilan also today also said that the Bolivian government caused the ambassadors of Italy, Portugal, France and Spain to provide explanations regarding the incident that occurred with the Evo Morales aircraft. Recall that the authorities of some countries did not open their airspace for the President of Bolivia, who went from Moscow on Tuesday evening. The reason for this was the possible stay of Edward Snowden aboard. The liner of the head of state after that was redirected to Austria, where Morales spent more than thirteen hours. Dula noted that the government of the country demands that Portugal, Italy, Spain and France explain the reason for suspicions and the emergence of the version that a former CIA employee could be on board the president. According to the minister, the incident is a kind of case of state terrorism against the president and the people as a whole. The woman emphasized that their country is the target of the United States.