The United States evacuated the embassy in Cairo and called on citizens to leave Egypt

After the military in Egypt announced that President Muhammad Mursi was suspended from the authorities, the US Board decided to start the evacuation of his embassy from Cairo, and urged America to leave the country. On this occasion, the State Department issued an order.

This decision is due to the fact that after the start of the political crisis, the American embassy often began to attack the worried sides, RIA Novosti informs. Prior to this, the US authorities allowed not the main employees of the embassy with families to leave Egypt. Moreover, the departure of employees from the country was carried out at the expense of the state. Citizens are recommended not to make any trips to a crisis country. All these actions are motivated by the fact that during the riots that took place in Alexandria, a US citizen was killed. In the process of the next clash of the opposition, the American was wounded by a knife unidentified people. The American authorities urge compatriots to depart from Egypt as soon as possible, the airport is functioning for this, flights are produced, but hoods are possible. The United States also insists that its citizens do not participate in demonstrations, including a peaceful nature. Last night, the Egyptian army suspended President Muhhamed Mursi from power, while his duties will be performed by the chairman of the Constitutional Court Adley Mansur. The Ministry of Defense also announced extraordinary presidential elections, suspended the country’s Constitution and is engaged in the convocation of the new Cabinet of Ministers. Muhammad Mursi, is currently at the headquarters of military intelligence. And, in turn, he appears to his citizens with an appeal not to succumb to the provocations of the military.