Social infrastructure of Lyantor

Now the city of Lyantor is one of the most attractive to the residence of small cities in the Tyumen region. It is characterized by an increased level of social security of residents of the city, as well as the most diverse options to ensure a comfortable living. The city has developed an economic component, since several large industrial enterprises work here, allowing not only to provide work to many residents of the city, but also to develop a social sphere.

In addition, there are many diverse small and individual enterprises in the city, and already more unique companies offer their services for their work. For example, the professional accounting of the individual entrepreneur is offered by many specialized companies. In this case, individual enterprises themselves have no need to hire their own specialists, all the features of accounting and work in the field will be carried out without problems, specialists who provide their unique services will conduct. As for the appeal to the relevant companies, the work is given to the scope of work excellent reviews have an audit company VFK. You can work with Lyantory IP with similar companies via the Internet.

In general, the social sphere of the city is simply excellent. For example, Lyantor schools offer the best learning programs for children. After this, the field of training in the city may be aimed at obtaining vocational education. 8 schools work in the field of education (2 of which are musical), 10 kindergartens and oil technical schools. So in this regard, the city is very comfortable for living.

The city presents many attractions, cultural organizations and the media. In addition to the main subsidies of the municipal nature, large levels of funds here are poured from a variety of enterprises operating in the city.