The House of Nursing Departments in the village of Tazovsky will be commissioned this year.

The House of Nursing Care in the village of Tazovsky Yamalo-Nenets AO is planned to be completed this year. Work at the facility started more a year ago and by this time had to be completed by.

However, the construction is still awaiting commissioning due to backbone with financing. From the planned construction of 82 million rubles, only approximately 39 million have been mastered.“This amount was provided for by an agreement between the Government of the district and LUKOIL – Western Siberia LLC,” said Sergey Semerikov, deputy head of the administration of the Tazovsky district. – For this year, about 43 million rubles are needed “.

Before leaving an unfinished object for a rather long time, workers knocked down the walls and installed modern plastic windows that could keep warm even in the most severe cold. By the way, choosing such designs today is not difficult: an interesting offer for glazing windows and balconies offers many companies, including BisSectrisa, which has a solid client base throughout the country. Specialists in this matter recommend plastic windows also because they are very unpretentious in terms of care and are distinguished by a long term of operation. Apart from the plastic windows, the builders retained part of the building materials to complete the work in Tazovsky itself. The missing part, however, will have to be purchased. After the builders will again begin their duties, they will engage in the installation of the heating system. By the way, all communications have already been brought here, but the wiring indoors has not yet been carried out. Meanwhile, the first energy-efficient economy class cottage will appear in the Urals. He will have 2 floors.