Russia has banned the import of Ukrainian food into the Crimea

Representatives of the Russian authorities blocked completely entry of transport with Ukrainian production foods in Crimea. The reason for this state of affairs is simple – the discrepancy between the sanitary standards of Russia. Such a message was made by the State Fiscal Service. Transport to Crimea to drive by can

“On the first of August, Russia blocked the entire entry of transport. The Russian side forbade the import of such goods to Crimea:- corn cereal;- soy flour;- soy;- corn;- dairy products;- canned food;- soft drinks. Also, the SFS confirms the information that the movement of road transport through the control points of Chongar, the bets and Cyrus are blocked. Even today you can observe kilometer lines from the mainland, which were formed from hundreds of trucks and trucks. Ukraine does not agree

Ukraine does not agree with such actions. She does not believe in official reasons and continues to declare that the products comply with all established standards and requirements. And the only reason why Crimea does not purchase Ukrainian goods is a complex political relationship between the two countries.”We are sure that Russia in the Crimea creates an artificial feed deficiency. These actions are aimed at the forced receipt of customs Russian permits for car carriers from Ukraine, ”the Ukrainian SFS says. Recall that on the seventeenth of May this year, Russia has already held measures to block the import of food products into the Crimean territory, which were produced in Ukraine. At that time, the reason was also voiced – there was no resolution of the Rosselkhoznadzor. How this problem will solve is still unclear. The Russian authorities are trying to agree with Ukrainian.