Today, all labor migrants of Russia will speak Russian?

From today, everyone who comes to the Russian Federation for work or residence must confirm their knowledge of the Russian language.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the relevant law on November 12. According to this document, from December 1, every foreign citizen who came to the country in order to work in the field of housing and communal services, engage in retail trade or household services, should know the Russian language at least at the basic level and confirm his knowledge, passing the appropriate exam.

For examining labor migrants throughout the country, 160 educational institutions are allowed. The cost of passing tests is about 5 thousand rubles. The issued certificate will be valid for 5 years, after which your knowledge of the language needs to be confirmed by passing a new exam.

The negative aspects of this law were called the president of the “Federation of Migrants of Russia” Majumder Muhammad Amin. According to the expert, the introduction of mandatory exams for migrant workers is another corruption trap. There are no testing methods, and 160 educational institutions will not be able to cover 15 million migrants. For example, in Moscow there are only two organizations for 3 million migrants in which you can pass tests: the atmosphere fund under the Ministry of Education and the Russian University of Friendship of Peoples (RUDN). Muhammad Amin also believes that migrants will most likely buy certificates, because it is much easier than to learn Russian. He said that he had already seen announcements on the sale of such documents on the Internet.

So far, the “Federation of Migrants of Russia” is under negotiations with the FMS, the result of which should be the creation of seventy points of teaching Russian on the outskirts of Moscow.