Russia enhances military cooperation with China

On the Naval base “Usun” in Shanghai an honorary guard, consisting of two-meter marines, meets Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping. This is a ceremony of opening joint exercises. We are also strengthening military cooperation with China.

Vladimir Putin, at the sixth of an official visit to China, signed about 30 documents with the chairman of China Xi Jinping regarding different areas of close cooperation.“Russia and China are connected by a strong relationship between partnerships and strategic interaction. We cooperate in solving urgent international problems of ensuring peace and stability on the Eurasian continent. We strengthen our ties in the military sphere “.

According to the scenario of the exercises, Russian and Chinese ships will fight with Somali pirates, and with submarines and aircraft carriers of some conditional enemy. Russian-Chinese exercises “Marine Interaction-2014” will last a week. On our part, 6 ships of the Pacific Fleet, headed by the cruiser of the Varangian, will take part in them.Similar exercises took place earlier, but this year joint Russian-Chinese groups will be created for the first time. Both ours and Chinese ships will perform a combat mission together. There are two flags on each ship: a Russian tricolor and a red Chinese banner. This is not such a rare combination in international politics recently. The positions of Russia and China coincide on many acute issues. This is Syria and the Iranian nuclear problem and the situation on the Korean peninsula. China openly condemned the sanctions of the West against Russia and was in solidarity with our position in Ukraine. Russia appreciated it.