Rossal rating of Russians by vehicle

This rating of Russia has 46th place. According to studies conducted recently, one thousand citizens of the Russian Federation accounts for about 270 vehicles, commercial equipment in the same list. As it turned out: according to the indicators of security, the country went around Serbia and Antigua. But Russia is still far up to dozens of leaders in the number of cars per capita. To improve this indicator may be available to obtain car loans. Already today to take a car loan is not difficult. The terms of the loan are so accessible that citizens enjoy this with pleasure. And now there are many attractive lending programs, they are offered by both banks themselves and car dealers themselves. And this is despite the fact that the interest on car loans rose a little.

According to the forecasts of some analysts, interest rates can increase and very significantly, so banks follow the path of softening requirements for customers. For example, Sberbank can issue a loan without asking for an income certificate, and the first contribution is 40% of the price of the vehicle. And one more attractive condition: the borrower can receive a loan as soon as possible, you only need to present a passport and your driver’s license. And those citizens who have already become Sberbank’s clients can issue a loan in two hours, presenting only their passport.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the percentage of applications for car loans, and it is approximately 70%. Such a high percentage was obtained due to the fact that loans for targeted programs are issued more and more willingly than on others. Pleases the fact that the debt has not increased in a year.

Most often they take the LADA car on credit. Then go Skoda Chevrolet, Opel and Volkswagen.

But AvtoVAZ can reduce the volume of its sales due to the end of some state programs. And people most often acquire the means of transportation that has a credit program offered by car manufacturers.

According to the sociological study “Romir”, about thirty percent of Russian citizens could take advantage of the car loan. In addition to loans, about 14% of people who want to buy a car are interested in installments, and women are more interested in this method of payment. And a large enough percentage – 46%, said that they could buy a car for cash.