Repair of apartments is inexpensive

– And the current place “Goverla” in the standings, in your opinion, is fair?

– Not. In the game, we look no worse than several teams that are above us.

– What is the reason then?

– Not lucky to us. I hope the situation will change in the spring.

– Tell us about your non -football life in Uzhgorod. By the way, I saw on your Twitter a photo from a night club where you are relaxing with Odonko ..

– Yes, sometimes I allow myself to relax. I see nothing criminal to drink a glass of beer after the game. Undoubtedly, without abuse.

– If we summarize the first part of our conversation: you are happy in Ukraine?

– (After a pause). Yes, because here I finally got the opportunity to stably go on the field and do what I can best. I assure you that this is not my maximum. Therefore, probably happy.

“Scouts” Borussia “noticed me in Donetsk”

– Perhaps I will not be mistaken if I say that in childhood, your idol was your elder brother Anthony. He greatly influenced the development of a career?

– Yes, partly you are right. When I just started my football path, he already performed in the English Liverpool. True, Anthony could not gain a foothold there – now he protects the colors of the French “Valencienne”. On the impact on his part, I can’t say that it was very significant – nevertheless, Anthony left the house when I was still very small. But we played a lot.

– Threesome?..

– Yes, I have another brother.

– Probably, you have repeatedly asked this question, and yet: how did you end up in Borussia?

– There is such an interesting story with the Ukrainian follow: the fact is that the breeders of the Dortmund club paid attention to me when he performed at the European Championship 2009, which was held in Donetsk and Mariupol. Your team on that tournament triumphed.