Why are we building so many hotels?

According to the annual flow of labor migrants leaving Tajikistan to work outside the republic, it can be stated that the problem No. 1 in the republic is the restoration of production capacities and, accordingly, an increase in jobs. Why do we build so many hotels, entertainment institutions, restaurants? Why not restore (if you do not build a new) factory, factory, plant? Instead of a shoe factory there will be another hotel in Kazan. At the Tajiktestilmash plant, for some reason, ice cream is produced for some reason, the meat processing plant is rebuilt in a brewery. Do you know how many plants, factories, plants and production associations functioned earlier only in Dushanbe, and now, if it functions, then not at full power? Only factories in the city were several dozen, where more than one hundred thousand people worked. And the same number of factories, plants and many other enterprises where not only Dushanbins worked, but also visitors from areas located next to the city. And this is only in the capital, and how many industry enterprises were throughout the republic? Working hands were always and everywhere. How many revenues to the republic’s budget were transferred from these enterprises? It is known that many enterprises were binding in the huge circuit of the industry of the Soviet Union and after the collapse of the country did not go away. Why are many of these enterprises either closed or work not at full capacity? “Textcombine” once worked in three shifts (there would still be about 12,000 workers!), and now in one. Either there is no raw material, or there is no paint, or there is still nothing. Cotton is probably easier to sell in the form of raw materials, and not in the form of fabrics. True, the cost is lower, but no other problems.