Opponents of the gay parade in Belgrade staged mass riots

During the gay parade in Belgrade, hundreds of opponents of this procession arranged mass riots. So “B92” reports that as a result of the clashes, more than ninety people were injured, the bulk of whom are police officers. It is also said that during the incident two ministers of the law were seriously injured.

The people who participated in the riots set fire to the headquarters in the power of the Serbian Democratic Party, threw stones one of the offices of the Socialist Party, and also defeated the window glasses in the building of one of the local television channels. Further, the violators tried to break through to the parliament building, but they were stopped by the police. According to the data provided by the news agency, the data that became the place of the city riots in the center of some stores were plundered.

Opponents of the gay parade threw stones and bottles containing incendiary mixture in police officers. In response to such actions, the police used tear gas. So, according to some unofficial data, the law enforcement agencies managed to detain several dozen people.

According to AFP, approximately one thousand people took part in the gay parade.

In conclusion, we note that this gay parade is the second in Serbian history. It was first held in 2001. It is noteworthy that then he was also “met” by mass riots. Gays planned to repeat their procession last year, but the action was canceled for security reasons – the Serbian authorities admitted that it was not able to guarantee demonstrators the order.