Continuation of a banquet in honor of the decade Noize MC

The musical group Noize MC this time decided to gather its fans in honor of its decade on April 27 at the club of St. Petersburg A2.

It would seem that ten years? However, for the world of music, every decade is symbolized by its direction, musical style. In the fifties, our ancestors were forgotten under the rhythmic notes of rock and roll, and already in the sixties youth chased behind free hippies. The seventies became the heyday for Raggi, while the eighties were the day of the birth of hip-hop. A grunge arose in the nineties. And all this musical revolution seemed to be gathered together in Noize MC music.

So, as if only yesterday, the kid Vanka Alekseev graduated from school, received his gold medal, left his native Belgorod and went to conquer the capital of our vast Motherland. This talented boy recorded his first musical masterpieces on computers, who kindly borrowed his neighbors in the hostel, he could easily play a freestyle under an acoustic guitar, and worked on the Arbat. The group gathered somehow quickly, her first tours went through all clubs near Moscow and DC. Thanks to such active activity and tireless work, the boy and his group were noticed by solid uncles from the Universal label. And what else do the guys need for happiness? It seems to have ended safely … However, in fact, it turned out that everything was just beginning.

Today we can say with confidence that the Noize MC musical team is one of the leading groups playing an alternative and hip-hop. The point here is not at all in the time interfering large label. Moreover, the contract with him was not very long -term. Rather, the guys achieved success thanks to their talent and the ability to work on it. After all, Ivan managed to do something that no Russian musical team and singer were able to do – he managed to combine rock and rap together.

And the eleventh of April the guys released their next album. It included incredible compositions that you could hear earlier at concerts. However, none of them had previously been formed officially.

It should be noted that each Noize MC concert is a skillfully and interesting performance that charges listeners and spectators with an incredible bouquet of positive emotions, forcing to bend in a bizarre dance.

In general, do not forget – on April 27, the guys are waiting for you at their big concert.