Conducting electronic auctions.

The government allowed to order work related to construction more than fifty million rubles without auctions. It is worth noting that today officials are trying to do without them. From next year, the state will make purchases according to the FCS law, at the moment officials are developing legislative acts that describe the procurement procedure in more detail.

Now, not all companies will be able to repair apartments in Moscow inexpensively. By the end of the year, the list of works that budget customers will have to purchase at auctions of electronic format will be approved. The other day, the list was discussed at a meeting of Igor Shuvalov.

Advantages of the electronic auction

Today, electronic auctions have become the main way to place a state order, more than fifty -five percent of all purchases, according to the data of a specialized portal, the participants only compete in price.

However, the legislative act also resolves other forms, such as contests – this is almost twenty percent of orders last year, where the winner is selected not only by cost, but also according to other criteria that are indicated by the customer. For example, competitions can be used for complex in technical terms and very dangerous objects.

In principle, these are most objects of captivity – territories of highways, overpasses, bridges and interchanges. Schuvalov’s representative office received confirmation that the decision of the electronic auctions made mandatory for tenders of the construction direction in large cities.

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