On the rest of the children in Crimea, the Cabinet of Ministers distributed a billion rubles

The Cabinet of Ministers distributed a billion rubles for the sale of children’s vacations in Crimea in order to maintain a new Russian subject. The official text of the document was published on the Cabinet website. Previously, 757 million rubles have already been allocated for a similar goal.

The Russian government dealt with the issue of distribution of funds for organizing recreation for children in Crimea. 1.09 billion rubles were allocated for this target, 33,518 children will be sent to rest. The text of the document was published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers. The Government of the Russian Federation is actively dealing with the issue of maintaining Crimea, a priority goal – to create a motivation for the population for conducting summer leisure on the peninsula, since more than 60% of the gross regional product of the peninsula is formed thanks to the means obtained from tourism. Here they introduced a number of pleasant adjustments – the cost of a railway ticket to Crimea brought to 2.5 thousand rubles, and a plane ticket – up to 7.5 thousand. Low prices should attract the attention of tourists to the new Russian subject, confident in the government. According to the signed order of the Government, money was distributed by budgets of another 71 Russian subject. A little earlier, the government has already allocated 757 million rubles to Sevastopol and Crimea for a similar goal, the implementation of leisure for the minor population. The Artek was an interview on the issue of Russian children’s recreation, on which they decided: in the country, children’s summer leisure is organized at the highest level, there are no shortcomings when ensuring the current youth with rest. In total, there are 104 sanatoriums on the peninsula, as well as wellness camps for children.