On the island of Freedom, they update the financial system

Yesterday, in the Gavan Palace of Agreements, the seventh international seminar for accounting, finance and audit has completed its work. At the closing ceremony, the Minister of Finance and prices of Cuba Lina Pedras Rodriguez spoke. In her speech, she said that the updating of the Cuban model of economics management requires completely new knowledge and approaches in financial matters. Further, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party noted that on the basis of a detailed analysis of the state of productive forces in Cuba by specialists, in connection with the increase in the services and production of goods, new organizational norms were developed, which are intended for specific tax schemes. At the same time, the legislative system is also considered, which is necessary to fully update financial management in Cuba. In addition, Lina Pedras Rodriguez emphasized, it is necessary to clearly define the functions of the state and entrepreneurship, as well as decentralizing the powers and changes in literally all financial mechanisms of local self -government bodies.

The Minister of Finance and prices during the closing ceremony of the Forum “State Administration for the purpose of development” briefly touched the provisions adopted at the sixth congress of the Communist Party of Cuba Regarding the leading principles of the country’s economy. Of particular interest to all participants in the conversation at the round table was a discussion of the issue of what efforts of Cuba are making to improve and maintain the existing system of taxation. Recall that in the seventh international seminar for accounting, finance and audit, which has completed the other day in Havana, more than six hundred delegates and guests from nineteen countries of the world took part.