On the territory of 500 metropolitan schools and gymnasiums, bicycle parking is equipped

A source from the Moscow City Hall informed Izvesty correspondents that the placement scheme for these bicycle parking, for the preparation of which the authorities plan to spend 1.3 million. rubles, should be completed until April 2018. Experts calculated that the implementation of this project will need 14 million rubles. At the same time, the metropolitan driving schools hope to sign a contract with the City Council in order to massively train schoolchildren with alphabet bicycles on bicycles. The companies turned to the authorities to provide them with sites for the arrangement of cycles with obstacles.

Now 477 capital schools are included in the list, each of which will have to receive an equipped bicycle parking lot with about 20 places. The equipment of one such parking lot, as calculated at the headquarters of the bicycle movement of Russia, will cost 1.5-2 thousand. rubles, and if they also do a canopy, it will turn out much more. Thus, at least 14 million rubles will have to expire on the equipment of schools, the authorities will have to spend. Also, before introducing such innovations, in schools it will be necessary to instruct students, as well as conducting bicycle driving courses on the streets of the city.

At the same time, in educational institutions they are afraid that enthusiasm for cycles can increase the amount of injuries on their territory.

“I can’t take such responsibility, which is why such a bicycle parking has not yet been organized,” said Olga Tertukhina, director of the capital’s gymnasium No. 1554. – also children who have not reached the age of 14 cannot move on public roads. Schools could resolve this problem only by agreeing with the parents of children regarding their responsibility for the safety of children who will come to school on bicycles.