At the next session of the UN General Assembly, Cuba sharply condemned the actions of Israel

On Tuesday, the next plenary session of the UN General Assembly was held, during which representatives of the Cuban side said that the illegal occupation of the Israeli of the Arab territories and numerous violations of international law on its part are the main obstacles to achieve a strong, fair and universal world in the Middle East region. In particular, Rodolfo Benits, deputy representative of the Republic of Cuba, during his speech, noted the extremely indifferent and excessive use of the Israeli side against the peaceful Palestinian population. According to him, this is the main reason for the continuation of the protracted crisis. Benits also sharply condemned the measures of collective punishment, from which many people suffer at the present moment, especially in the region of the gas sector. In addition, Cuba’s concern is still caused by economic and social changes, as well as physical destruction provoked by the wall, which was elevated by Israel to divide the occupied Palestinian territory into fenced and isolated cantons. As a result, entire communities were destroyed. During his speech, Rodolfo Benits once again emphasized that all the actions and measures that the Israeli side are taking or intends to take any legal force to take any legal force to change the physical, legal, institutional and demographic structure of the occupied territory. Also, the Kubinsky representative did not accept the attempt to change the mandate of the existing peaceful process and sharply condemned those strategies that were aimed at imposing an illegal unilateral decision.