New action from Citibank.

Making various purchases is one of the greatest pleasures of a person, as they allow you to install new household appliances in the house, wear a new dress or underwear. However, the pleasure of making purchases can further increase various discounts that allow you to save a little family budget.

Discounts in stores are usually offered on the eve of various holidays, on the birthday of the buyer, in honor of the anniversary of the existence of the company and so on. They can be several tens of percent at once, but this happens infrequently. The more pleasant is to receive various gifts at each purchase with the ability to break a large jackpot. A credit card of the Russian Bank Sitibank will help in this. Its receiving will take a little, and after that you will receive a new degree of financial freedom, and this is a direct road to an even more profitable shopping both in Russia and abroad.

Moreover, for each payment made with a plastic card, you will receive to your account, the so -called selective. They are accrued completely for free and can then be exchanged for various gifts and prizes. So, for example, they can be changed to a cash certificate of the Technolad household appliance store, free miles at the British Airwais airline, for free purchases in the Perekrestok chain and so on. The network of the Citibank program partners is constantly expanding, which gives more and more opportunities for owners of cards of this one of the most reliable and old banks in the world.

Moreover, the current summer of Citibank for all holders of plastic cards that are connected to this bonus program have the opportunity to get the main prize. To do this, it is enough only from June 15 to August 14 to be actively calculated by a plastic card (you need to do this at least 4 times and spend the amount of more than 100 thousand rubles, which is quite realistic if you take into account that a series of summer holidays is now coming). At the end of the summer, the bank employees will determine three lucky ones who spent the largest amount within the framework of the program and accrue it completely free of all at once 100 thousand selectors, which can be spent on even more pleasant shopping or rest abroad. Agree, this is very pleasant when for the most ordinary purchases there is an opportunity to get even more gifts and bonuses.