New instructions for inspection of persons who enter the territory of the Olympic Games in Sochi

The head of the Ministry of the Interior, Vladimir Kolokoltsev, approved instructions for inspection of citizens who enter the territory of the Olympic Games in Sochi.

The basic rights and obligations of representatives of the order, which should be on duty at sports facilities are spelled out there. The list of these points and recommendations also includes requirements for inspection zones and the use of photos and video cameras. Some participants in such events will be on special conditions, that is, their individuals will be inviolable. Experts have long believed that all fans and organizers of the events must obey the goals of security.

The aforementioned recommendations were issued in an order, which was sent to familiarize all representatives of such structures. This document emphasized the importance of the actions of security services. Because all these actions are aimed at the lack of tolerant objects that may entail a threat to the life and health of people. These include drugs, weapons, ammunition, radioactive and toxic substances.

The inspection technology is reduced to round -the -clock checks without interruptions in specialized points of different layouts and dimensions. This is argued by throughput and territorial coverage. Such items should be equipped with inspections, technical devices to find prohibited items, and dogs with dogs will also be on duty there. Representatives of law and order are paid special attention to the lack of contact of people who have already passed the search with still waiting. Certain points in the document prescribe the conditions for the use of technical means and categories of citizens to which inspection is not applied. According to the president of the counter -terrorist association, the aforementioned is a common practice.

The proposed is quoted in the field of a reasonable compromise. If you conduct an inspection of a certain circle of persons, then this may affect the refusal of a visit of such events. Amendments in regulatory acts are triggered by the warning of terrorist attacks at open sporting events and an increase in the level of the discipline of spectators, which may play an important role for their security.