Moscow underground crossings will be decorated with panoramic streets

Photos with panoramas of the capital’s streets, to which stairs are planned, plan to place in city underground crossings. This information was reported by Vladimir Chernikov, head of the Moscow Department of Mass and Advertising. He is sure that in this way it will be possible to “cultivate” urban underpasses. In addition, pictures will help residents of the city better navigate the ground. The first such guidelines will be placed in the transitions that are located in the historical district of Moscow, not far from the stations of the metro “Lubyanka”, “Khurod” and “Pushkinskaya”. Experts, in turn, proposed to celebrate in these photographs near the sights and duplicate all the reference information in English in the transitions for tourists.

Vladimir Chernikov also said that his department “is ready to help the city in the implementation of this idea”.

Underground city transitions are a significant part of the capital’s space, says the head of the department. Place in the transitions for posting photos can always be found. Pictures, along with the useful information that will be posted on them, can also become a decoration of transitions, and this is also important.