The third international conference of rural women began its work in Cuba

In the Cuban province of SENFEGOS, which is located near the capital of the island of Freedom, the third international conference of rural women of Latin America began its work. Canadian non -governmental organization Oxfam Canada organized this meeting. Women who occupy leading posts in the countryside of Cuba, Nicaragua, Peru, Guatemala and Columbia take part in the work of the third international conference.

Oxfam Canada is a Canadian non -profit organization that develops programs with an emphasis on the women’s sector to ensure health, nutrition, as well as promoting civil values.

The main motto Oxfam Canada is the words “elimination of global poverty begins with women’s rights”. The session in the Cuban province of SENFEGOS is already the third meeting of this type. It should be noted that the two previous meetings were previously held in Nicaragua and Guatemala. At the third international conference of rural women of Latin America, issues related to the leadership of women in agriculture will be considered. In addition, seminars and conferences on alternative sources of work will be held, as well as on the topic The role of rural women in the current processes of the integration of Latin American countries. It should be especially noted that in the rural areas of the island of Freedom it is women who play the main role, first of all, in the work of the Cuban Association of small farmers. According to reports, about ninety percent of the leading posts in this Cuban Association is occupied by the fair sex.