World oil prices are reduced, which negatively affects the Russian economy and the cost of Russian oil

World oil prices leave much to be desired, and this indicator largely affects not only the cost of Russian oil, but also the economy of our country. It should also be noted that the global cost of oil affects the value of currencies, including the Russian ruble in relation to the cost of the American dollar. After on the eve, that is, on August 30, 2015, an increase in the global oil price was observed by 8 percent, a decrease in a cost by about 3 percent was observed.

According to the data at 11 a.m. on September 01, 2015, the price of light oil of the WTI brand decreased by 3.64 percent and stopped at 47.41 American dollar per 1 barrel. During the secondary trading, the oil price of the North Sea brand Brent decreased by 3.43 percent to the mark of 52.29 American dollars per 1 barrel, but after adjustment, the price stopped at 52.18 dollars per 1 barrel.

The price of Brent barl has increased by 8.2 percent yesterday, in turn, the price of 1 barrel of WTI oil increased by 8.8 percent. This situation was caused by the fact that the news of the decrease in the government of America began to receive the amount of oil production, as well as that OPEC is preparing for negotiations with manufacturers about the cost of oil.

The negative impact on the cost of world oil was a decrease in the activity of the PRC in the field of industry. The statistical bureau of China published PMI (business activity index) for August of the current year. So, the index decreased by August by 0.3 points, from 50 to 49.7, and this indicator was observed in August 2012. In July of this year, PMI was equal to 50 points, while the indicator above 50 points involves an increase in activity, and below 50 points – a decrease in activity.

According to world publications, the final indicator of PMI China was 47.3 points, and the growth rate was very active and exceeded the growth rate of the past 7 years. The index of this indicator decreased compared to July month from 47.8 to 47.1 points. According to one of the famous world economists, data from China confirm a sharp and sufficiently large decrease in activity in August of this year. But according to this specialist, this situation is temporary, therefore, it should not be applied to the subject for anxiety.