More than half of the inhabitants of Kyiv reports dissatisfaction with life

Representatives of RESEARCH & Branding Group conducted a study that demonstrated that more than 50% of the inhabitants of Kyiv are unhappy with their lives. The study was conducted from June 25 to July 5.

Sociologists report that in general, the situation in the capital of Ukraine repeats national trends. So, 38% of Kiev residents are satisfied with their lives, but 56% declared dissatisfaction. The study also demonstrated that in age groups under 30 years, the level of satisfaction is higher than among young people – it is 61%. High rates among representatives of the age group up to 40 years (42%).

Also, almost half of the Kiev residents notes that over the past year they have not seen a single significant change in their lives, both positive and negative. But also 42% of the residents of the capital said that the changes still occurred, and for the worse. This mainly applies to citizens over the age of 40, while those who have not yet reached the age of 30 believe that there were no changes.

At the same time, in the summer of this year, the level of electoral activity increased in Kyiv – 54% of the population became interested in the topic of the election of the mayor. Almost everyone said that they were going to take part in the elections.