Man and technology.

It is great that there is a lot of technology that makes our life more interesting and easier. The availability of technology is cool. Comparatively, inexpensive cost of devices provides a chance to become the owner of a fresh tsatski. You can buy a netbook or laptop and work on Forex from anywhere in the world, purchase a 100,000 inches Led Telem and enjoy the World Cup of Football. You can even buy a 7 inch tablet from an apple and read books loaded from an Internet. In general, the world good.

The only thing, I do not like that by mastering the technique, a person himself does not develop too much, both in physical terms and in spiritual.

On the one hand, the children are now clicking the computers of the past generations, and the athletes beat the records of all time. It turns out that there is development. And then we see the presence of a lot of conflicts on the planet because of the same factors as thousands of years ago. Resources, power, pressure.

Apparently, skills are changing, the ability to master the technique, but the very essence of people remains the same. Fenced with religions and laws.

Technique is now at the highest level of development. Renting manipulators for transportation helps to solve, practically, any production tasks. Real paradise from the world of technological progress.

Brain development and access to a new level of skill I do not yet observe. Understanding in people remains at the same level and is also flooded with their own interests and ambitions. How to do it in this case? Is there a chance to develop in parallel with technology, but not thanks to it?

A big minus is that now without a technique a person will feel naked on the planet. Turn off the light, gas and water, panic will immediately begin. Everything will become a herd pressing their own. And immediately I want to ask a question about the progress and evolution of the person himself.

We are hostages of technology or it will help us become a step higher on the stairs, which leads to humanity?