Humanity does not develop and does not get better

We live in the era of technological progress. However, this fact does not prevent us from destroying what we cannot live in the near future without. Nature! We eagerly consume all minerals known to us. From the bowels of the Earth we rush to the invaluable treasure. And what do we give in return? Destruction! Moreover, many compatriots are glad that almost each of us has inexpensive and working almost without failures of the Internet. With which we can receive useful knowledge, it is better to know ourselves and others. But even now there are people who do not want to develop. They think that everyone knows. And with their ignorance in certain issues they threaten themselves, their family and the immediate environment.

It would seem that everything seems to be established, but a person does not feel joy, does not value life. You can not surprise him little. Scrolls, inventing problems for ourselves, there would only be something to complain about, what to suffer about. What for? Really no more? For example, help other people. Teach capable people craftsmanship that you own in perfect.

It happens very disappointing when you develop, you spend any minute on useful work or reading cognitive literature. And they laugh at you. They believe that you are mistaken, absolutely do not understand anything in this world. And most importantly who? One who even writes with errors. And the book that he opened last time (at best!) – primer. Therefore, do not wait for the help, you need to move forward yourself. After all, each person decides how developed he is and how much more he has to go through.

It is very difficult to survive now, but nevertheless you need to think about good, restore order and cleanliness around you. Constantly work and hope for a better future. Drink!