July 1 – the deadline for the beginning of land reform

Consolidation of rights to private land property – undoubtedly, one of the most burning issues of agriculture of modern Russia.

The purpose of the reforms

On the performance of the Chairman of the Government of Vladimir Putin, who was held in the Mordovia of the II All -Russian Forum of rural settlements, was also devoted to this problem. Among other things, the Prime Minister noted the need for the most quick elimination of legislative gaps, and also reported what measures are taken in order to approach this problem as soon as possible as soon as possible. The Prime Minister paid special attention to the fact that when transferring farmland to private hands, it was necessary to strictly ensure that they do not become the property of the speculators.

Also in. Putin noted that lands can be removed from property if the owner does not use them as agricultural vehicles for more than three years. The Prime Minister entrusted the responsibility for the decision to determine the signs of improper use of the lands on the government.

The purpose of the reforms, the implementation of which begins on July 1, according to Vladimir Putin, is to give the Russians the opportunity to fully enter into the rights of full -fledged land owners, and rural settlements could completely dispose of them to receive additional income. The Prime Minister also emphasized the fact that at this moment, in the legislation on the circulation of agricultural land, changes have occurred that have greatly simplified the procedures for the design of the boundaries of land shares.