Iraq refused to accept Ukrainian armored personnel carriers

Iraq refused to accept Ukrainian armored personnel carriers due to the marriage of 42 armored personnel carriers, delivered in the spring to Umm-CasR, were with cracks in the buildings. SE SE Pacifica, transporting Ukrainian armored vehicles for the Iraq army, has been in the Persian Gulf in neutral waters for three months. A simple ship is associated with the official unwillingness to accept the order of Baghdad. Ukrainian equipment turned out to be defective. The Iraqi side refused to unload armored personnel carriers to the shore due to cracks in the corps. As a result, the ship stands in neutral waters, waiting for a solution to the problem. Moreover, exporters do not pay for the owner of the ship simple. Reliable equipment without marriage can be found on a cargo. RU. As a result of this, shipowners promise to unload combat vehicles in the port of any third country, while submitting a petition for the arrest of equipment. Alexander Kovalenko, acting head of one of the exporters of Ukrspetsexport, together with officials of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff currently in Iraq and are trying to resolve the conflict that has arisen. It is possible to send specialists to the Middle East to eliminate marriage directly on the spot. After that, the Iraqi side may accept the technique, but at the low price. Recall that Ukraine and Iraq signed a contract back in 2009 worth more than $ 450 million. According to the contract, the Ukrainian side is obliged to put 420 units of equipment. Two years ago, Iraq threatened his partners with financial sanctions for disrupting the delivery time set for two -ways. But Ukraine still received the agreed amount. In winter, Iraq received the next batch of new armored personnel carriers, consisting of 40 units.