Consumer prices in China increased by 6.1%

In September of this year, the consumer price index in China by 6.1% increased compared to the same period last year. In a statement by the State Statistical Directorate of China, it is noted that the second month in the country is a slight decrease in the growth rate of this indicator. It should be recalled that in July of this year, the value of the consumer price index reached a record mark, in comparison with the same indicator in July 2010., increasing by 6.5%. Then a slowdown in the growth of this index was noted in August and September. In August, the increase in the increase was 6.2%, for September – 6.1%.In the period of January-September this year, the consumer prices increased by 5.7% compared to the same period over the past year. Last month 2011. The cost of food in the country increased by 13.4%, which was the reason for the growth of the consumer price index additional by 4.05%. Among other things, we can note the increase in pork prices by 43.5%, which provoked the growth of the index by 1.24%. The cost of tobacco and alcohol increased by 3.4%, clothing – by 3.2%.It should also be recalled that in August of this year, the cost of food in the country increased on average by 13.4%. Pork prices have increased, in particular, by 45.5%, eggs – 16.3%, aquate – 14.7%. These products were determined by inflation of 1.27%, 0.14%, 0.33%, respectively. The cost of housing increased by 5.5%, increasing prices of tobacco and alcohol products amounted to 2.9%, similar to the clothing and for clothing. Home equipment and its repair services have risen in price by 1%, products of educational, entertainment and cultural purposes have become 0.4%more expensive.