Two laws were adopted in the State Duma, which will affect all car owners.

In July, in the State Duma, two laws were accepted at once regarding almost all motorists of Russia. At first it was allowed to receive car owners insurance policies with coupons with coupons that are valid for no more than six months.

The new law also provided for the opportunity to purchase a short -term insurance policy, the actual 20 days without a coupon then. For this period, you need to have time to overtake the purchased car to the registration region if it is purchased in another region.

The second law concerns the owners of new cars directly, namely the Reformation affected the system of registration of the inspection. If the driver regularly undergoes maintenance at the official service center, then he will not have to re -check the car. It is enough to save the service card issued by the service center.

Now the State Duma examines several more interesting bills regarding car owners. The plans to combine the power of attorney for the right to drive a vehicle and the insurance policy. A fairly interesting proposal was also announced, which refers to the change in the principle of the design of OSAGO and its binding to the driver, and not to the car.