In Egypt, about 500 Christians went to the demonstration

On January fourth, on Tuesday, the Associated Press news agency announced that about five hundred young Christians entered the city of Egypt in Egypt in the city of ICHI.

In the Asicut, the indignant demonstrators gathered near the headquarters of the ruling party. During the protest rally, the demonstrators publicly swore that they would protect the cross with their “soul and blood”. Young Christians acted with accusations against the government of the country, saying that they are not taking enough measures to protect Egyptian Christian cops, which today make up at least ten percent of the total population of Egypt. It is also reported that protesting Christians threw stones at police officers. However, there is no information on whether there are victims.

Recall that more recently, such demonstrations took place in Alexandria and Cairo. These protests are a response to a terrorist attack committed on New Year’s Eve in front of the Coptic Church, whose victims were twenty -one people.

The leader of the country – Hosni Mubarak announced that foreign organizations were to blame for the attack. Nevertheless, according to preliminary results obtained during the investigation, one of the local extremist groups, which knew the territory, is behind the organization and committing the attack. Among the suspected terrorist groups in the police are the Islamist group “Salafi”. According to the version made by the investigation, it is quite possible that the organizers of this terrorist attack was influenced by the world-famous terrorist network Al-Qaeda (Al-Qaeda).

In conclusion, we note that Salafia is a fundamentalist direction in Islam. His followers oppose the introduction of any philosophical movements or elements of other religions in Islam.