The washing machine does not rinse: main causes and solutions

Washing machines are complex devices that operate under intense and varied loads. This often leads to malfunctions that may have specific causes and require correction. To understand all the features of the process, it is suggested that you find out more information on

Reasons for not rinsing

This mode is carried out after the main wash to remove residual detergents from fabrics. To do this, warm water is used, after which the waste liquid is drained into the sewer.

These parameters are very important, because any violation in these areas can lead to the termination of the rinsing procedure. In such situations, you should contact specialists and order repairs on mannyappliances.

Among the reasons that interfere with rinsing are:

  1. A malfunction of the heating element (heating element), which cannot increase the temperature of the water, is why the automatic machine does not start the rinsing process.
  2. Failures or breakdowns of the control unit, which does not issue the necessary command to start the process.
  3. The drainage system is clogged, starting from the pipe and ending with the hose; the water does not drain away and becomes an obstacle to turning on the automation.
  4. The pump pumping water to the drain does not work.
  5. The pressure switch, as the water level sensor is called, is broken, which leads to the disabling of the washing continuation procedure.
  6. Damage to the electronic unit board.
  7. The water supply valve to the tank is damaged.

To solve most of these problems, it is proposed to use the Manny appliance repair service.


The process begins with checking the set washing mode. Next, you need to take into account the load on the drum and the distribution of laundry across its volume. The weight of loaded dry items should not exceed the parameter set by the manufacturer; their uniform distribution over the inner surface of the rotating container is required.

Next, the operation of the heating element is checked. This can be done practically by loading a couple of items and setting the wash cycle to the shortest rinse setting.

You can check the condition of the hose yourself by removing the panels of the machine and looking for any pinches. The drain can be checked visually or using mechanical means to determine if there are any blockages.

If all these measures do not help determine the type of breakdown, it is worth calling a specialist to use instruments to diagnose the condition of the sensors and motor and determine the exact cause. The technician will also be able to perform any repair, from replacing a hose to installing a new control unit.