In 2018, Georgia is expected to increase state benefits and pensions.

The fact that, starting since 2018, in Georgia there will be an increase in state benefits and pensions, on November 22, 2017, Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili stated. Thus, people who are pensioners by age, as well as existing limited opportunities and related to the first group of disability, will receive a pension from the first of September next on September 1. Such a pension will be 150 Lari, which corresponds to about 90 American dollars. But for pensioners, whose age is up to 67 years and who are currently receiving a lower pension, unlike other pensioners by age, will receive an increase in the pension within April-September next year, while the size of the pension after the increase will be 125 Lari. An increase in the pension will also affect the category of people with disabilities that relate to the second group, as well as this list includes children with disabilities who have lost the breadwinner or parents of which are politicallyPressed. For this category, the pension will be increased from the beginning of September 2018 and will be 100 Lari, not 70 and 55 Lari, as at the moment. State assistance for refugees and socially unprotected citizens of the country will double, starting in July 2018.