The Presidential Commissioner noted a breakthrough of the Kirovograd region in the development of sports

At the moment, the authorized President of the President of Human Rights Yuri Pavlenko is currently in the territory of Kirovograd. After a trip to Alexandria, a representative of state power also visited the regional center, where he met with the governor. Naturally, the main topic of the conversation concerned the care of children. Andrei Nikolayenko presented a response to a respected guest to attract the younger generation to preschool education. As it became known, at the moment, 80% of small residents of the region are visits kindergartens. However, there is a positive dynamics, therefore it makes sense to believe that this indicator will soon increase.

According to the governor, the process of enrollment in institutions facilitated modern technologies. After all, you can send an application for admission to kindergarten using the Internet. The head of the regional state administration also provided information on the activities of Dyuts. In particular, he noted that the regional authorities control the state of affairs in this institution. The results were not long in coming, the next time the overhaul of the premises will begin here.

The governor also noted the positive dynamics of attracting young people to a healthy lifestyle. Evidence of this is the appearance of football, volleyball, basketball and baseball sites. Over the past three years, these objects have grown like mushrooms. In addition to Kirovograd, similar sites were equipped in nearby and remote settlements. If you take only this year, then for incomplete 6 months 36 objects appeared in the region, another 20. Especially Andrei Nikolayenko noted a breakthrough in the Golovanevsky district, where in each village there is at least one sports ground. Yuri Pavlenko was convinced that the authorities of the Kirovograd region were beating about the younger generation and moving in the right direction.