Hour Dzeini! – And why, actually?

While we are one by one – our opinion can not be taken into account, our requests to ignore, our desires to limit. In a fragmented society, where we are alone – we are nobody. The whole course of history shows that only when people united in trade unions, parties, the army, they came to victory. Our state system, imitating the “island of stability and justice in world chaos” and even taking up the modernized communist symbols as official symbols, wants to make a black hole from our country on the map of Europe, and of us, helpless, irresponsible and miserable people who are completely dependent on their will states. And we want to live in free, independent and modern Belarus, so we just need to unite to achieve this goal.“Initiative” can show the possibilities of the path to victory, give arguments and tools for independent development and protection of their point of view to the state, offer new contacts with the most interesting and creative youth of our country and allow civic activities with them together. We will not impose on you what you should do – you can always show the initiative yourself, and our goal is to help you with this! Our goal is to form an active youth class who does not want to become an outcast in their own country because of their views, to leave for an intellectual ghetto, a reservation that the authorities are given to democratic forces. And we will not put up with lawlessness and rudeness, be silent when our interests infringe on! We will talk loudly about them out loud, among our friends, in the audiences, on the Internet, on the streets, constantly proving their truth to others and inspiring others with confidence in changes! The future is behind the active Belarusian youth, the future is behind us!