Fidel Castro regretted the Caribbean crisis

Cuban ex-president Fidel Castro said that he is regretted about the occurrence of the Caribbean crisis. In 1962, as a result of the confrontation of the United States of America and the Soviet Union, the world lived for several days in anticipation of the beginning of a nuclear war. The roomant reported this during an interview, which he first gave an American journalist in his life. Communicating with the representative of the US journalistic community, Jeffrey Goldberg, Fidel Castro admitted that many years after the conflict, he came to the conclusion that it was not worth it. This comment regarding the missile crisis of the 1960s was published in a very voluminous interview. In his 84 years, Fidel Castro is still the head of the Communist Party of Cuba. Now he is worried that the conflict between Iran and the United States of America is taking place according to the scenario similar to the events of half a century ago. Commandant said that due to the actions of the Israeli and American governments, the Iranian nuclear program may be subject to control.

Castro noted that most people believe that they can control themselves. However, the American President Barack Obama at times behaves too sharply. This leads to a gradual exacerbation of relations, which in turn can lead to a nuclear war. Also, in an interview, Castro criticized President Iran Mahmud Akhmadidjad. He accused him of denying the Holocaust and anti -Semitism. At the end of the conversation with the American journalist, Fidel Castro admitted that the “Cuban model” of the economy did not justify itself and does not work anymore. According to analysts, these words of the Cuban ex-president say that he is ready for changes that will occur on the island of Freedom on the initiative of the head of state Raul Castro in the near future.