Where the birth rate is higher?

If we talk about the fertility in our country, then, say, you can name the average figure of eleven and a half thousand per day, but it will be precisely average, since it is too large that the fluctuations are too large for individual days and months.

Special, when a child appears in the family, the smart home system greatly facilitates the care of parents, saving them a lot of time and nerves. Installing a home automation system is a very useful solution. If the technique has reached such heights, why not use its achievements?

The study of these fluctuations for fairly large intervals of time says that they cannot be neglected for planning industries associated with the production of goods for the smallest. In addition, in the future, even recommendations are possible to parents at what time of the year it is best to be born to their heir. There is reason to believe that one of the most favorable months for joining this world is April. This question, apparently, still needs to be investigated.

Statistics indicate that in 1913, the birth rate in rural areas exceeded the same indicator in cities by more than 60 percent. At that time, the vast majority of the Russian population lived in the village. What does this comparison look like now, in conditions of incessant urbanization of the population?

The birth rate in the villages is still higher than in cities, however, the difference has become much less-no more than 25 percent. However, if in 1913 82 percent of the population lived in rural areas, now less than half remained there, and the process of urbanization will continue further. Some researchers believe that the difference in the birth rate of the urban and rural population is largely explained by the features of the formation of their income. In cities, the main income of the family is expressed in a certain amount of money, which is distributed in one way or another in the family budget. The birth of a child sharply increases the expenditure part of this budget: in the city for the child, everything has to be bought. The income of the rural family is largely consists of natural products that make up the main components of the children’s diet. In addition, in the city, a woman often has to leave work in order to devote herself to the child, in rural areas, she manages to combine work on the personal plot and raising children.