Hackers who had cut British banks turned out to be immigrants from the countries of the former USSR

Referring to the statement of the representative of the London Police, the Association Press news agency reports that hackers detained on September 28, suspected of robbing some accounts of English banks, are immigrants from the countries of the post -Soviet space.

In total, in the process of investigating the activities of Internet warriors, law enforcement services detained twenty people. A little earlier, the media reported the arrest of nineteen attackers. It is worth noting that there are no immigrants from Russia among the detainees.

Eleven out of twenty arrested people should appear before the magistrate Westminster Court. So eight scammers are accused of both criminal conspiracy and money laundering. Two more will also answer on charges of criminal conspiracy, and another detainee is accused of violating the law on certificates. It is also clarified that all these people have recently constantly lived in England, but they themselves are immigrants from Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine and Georgia.

The agency notes that the police released nine arrested on bail. However, despite this, the investigation will continue to be continued against them. The other participants in the cyber bandits will be charged next month.

Now it is already known that hackers stole at least six million pounds. To conduct a criminal operation, they used Trojan called “Zeus”, which allowed them to steal personal data from all bank depositors: “Barclays Bank”, “HSBC”, “Lloyds TSB” and “Royal Bank of Scotland”, which are necessary for access to the Internet system -Banking.

In conclusion, we note that according to the investigation, the total amount of stolen money most likely significantly exceeds the initial estimates.