Experts explain that the support of Russians of the “Orphan Law” is due to a lack of information

Often we get information from the Internet. Sites have not only state structures, private citizens also open their sites. But it is not enough to create a site, you need to attract visitors to it. This is called the promotion of sites that can be engaged in your own. You can also resort to the services of certain companies. Many Russians consider the right position of the authorities on the prohibition of adoption by American citizens of Russian orphans. They are convinced that orphans cannot be given abroad altogether. And despite the fact that in the homeland there are very small chances of finding a family at home.The “Orphan Law” is supported by about 76% of Russians, and more than 53% of Russian citizens are sure that such a ban should be introduced for any adoption by foreigners. These results were shown by a survey that conducted VTsIOM. Supporters of the law are argued by the fact that orphans abroad in new families are bad. That they are subject to violence there. But the main argument is that citizens of Russia should adopt orphans and children should be brought up at home. After all, often the fate of adopted children cannot be tracked. But at the same time, sociologists have established that only 14% of Russians are ready to take the child into the family, and the real experience of adoption shows that an adopted baby appears only in 2% of Russian citizens. Valery Fedorov, Director of the VTsIOM, said after the survey that a high percentage is explained by the poor information of the population. That often hiding behind children, corrupt officials are protected. After all, only one part is given to orphans in the law of Magnitsky. Although Neverov, the Vice Speaker of the State Duma, does not agree with him and perceives the numbers as the general support of the entire population, and that the opposition is trying to take people out into the streets.