Experts came to the conclusion that Ukraine needs to get away from the hryvnia

The weakening of the national currency of Ukraine can lead to the restoration of the competitiveness of the economy. This conclusion was made by Valery GETS, Director of the Institute of Economics and Forecasting Nanu. As the expert said, today there are large losses of price advantages in international markets. Provided that inflation at the end of the year reaches and exceeds 10%, then the ability of the economy to competitive stability can become zero or generally negative. The devaluation of Ukraine becomes more inevitable when a rather large number of countries intentionally weaken their national currencies in order to strengthen their economies and increase their competitiveness.

The GETS also said that the activation of imports in the field of consumption, fed by lending to the population, also leads to devaluation. The chance of repeating the situation of 2008 is very great. If you lose another 10 billion dollars in the current account, then the country will come to what it was. Alfa-Bank vice president and member of the NBU Council Roman Shpek pointed out that all the price advantages that were in the hands of the exporters of Ukraine after the 2008 devaluation were currently lost. From this it turns out that there is no way to increase exports without special support programs. As the former deputy chairman of the board of National Bank Alexander Savchenko noted, the higher the stability of the course, the greater the chance of repeating the 2008 crisis. Therefore, you need to rather give up the policy of a stable course in order to quickly overcome the crisis situation.

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