NOP experts met with representatives of the interregional technical department under Rostekhnadzor.

The National Association of Designers (NOP) discussed a number of issues with the interregional technical department under Rostekhnadzor. Representatives of the parties talked as part of a friendly meeting in the capital of the country.

Experts of the National Association of Designers (NOP) met with specialists from the interregional technical department – the structural unit of the Rostekhnadzor. As it turned out, during the Moscow meeting, representatives of the parties found a lot of common topics. In particular, experts paid close attention to control and supervision work, as well as the activities of self-regulatory organizations controlled by Rostekhnadzor. With regard to the latter, those present once again studied the regulatory documentation in detail, on the basis of which they are monitored by their functioning. The meeting program included discussion of scheduled inspections of Rostekhnadzor: the designers, by the way, were not averse to finding out in advance about the organization of such events regarding a certain period of time. The parties were in solidarity in the fact that during the inspections, it is necessary to attract NOP employees. It is also worth mentioning that since this year, state control and supervision of the work of the SRO related to the scope of architectural construction and design, engineering surveys, overhaul and reconstruction, belongs to the competence of the territorial structures of Rostekhnadzor. This is enshrined by the order of the signature of Alexei Ferapontov, the acting head of the department. Behind the central apparatus, there was universal coordination, a methodological component of the performance of the state function, and also – the leadership of the State Register of self -regulatory organizations.