Creative team and rules of conduct

Talented people in a particular area often cannot get along in society, because they have complex characters. Quarrels and misunderstandings in a creative team is difficult to avoid, but if you try, you can make them creative and productive.

Having settled down in a creative team, you should quickly learn the norms of behavior and get acquainted with the unspoken charter that is. It is necessary to remember each name and surname, to figure out who plays what “role”. At first, you do not need to take part in disputes with leaders, you must firmly strengthen your positions.

Modern electrical engineering in some cases involves independent installation. The owner can put the device in the right place, include in the network and use.

Try to find an approach to everyone – you do not need to joke over touching, do not talk about doubts to the talkers. Such people are often complex, so that the system of relationships can be very complex and confusing. Colleagues, company policy and authorities can be discussed within their family.

At the same time, you need to immediately determine your place. Show only your best qualities – it can be perseverance, interest in your work, dignity or responsibility. It is necessary to refuse to work out of others politely, but decisively, you do not need to indulge in other people’s whims.