Audi R8 of a new generation will sit on a carbon “diet”

Ulrich Hakenberg, holding the head of the Audi concern department and new developments of the concern, opened the veil of secrets over the next generation of the R8 supercar.

During the conversation with representatives of the Motor Trend publication, held at the International Motor Show in Los Angeles, the top manager said that the Audi R8 New will be easier than the current modification of the model fifty-five kilograms. The brand engineers plan to reduce the equipped mass of the car due to the massive use of the novelties of carbon fiber in the body panels, which will be used, in particular, for the production of the floor and the central tunnel. According to Hakenberg, who can order legal smoking mixtures on the site / at any convenient time, the new R8, which has a lot in common with the successor of the Italian sports car Lamborghini Gallardo, will be distinguished by a unique style and charisma.

The senior representative of Audi did not answer the questions of journalists regarding the composition of the range of power units. According to unofficial information, a machine that will appear on sale in the third quarter of 2014 will be offered to customers with two gasoline engines to choose from – 4.2-liter V-shaped “eight” with the performance of four hundred and fifty horsepower and a ten-cylinder V-shaped motor, developing five hundred and seventy horsepower with a working volume of 5.2 liters. For both installations, the semidiapas “robot” of the S-Tronic with a two-disc clutch is designed.

The production of the Audi R8 of the new generation of the Ingolstad concern will establish on the conveyor of the new plant in the industrial region of Böllinger Höfe.