Anti -pirate legislation will not harm the collars of this business in Russia

This year, on August 1, a law aimed at combating the pirate distribution of copyrights comes into force. The edition of the Tribune believes that it would be much more appropriate in the nineties and zero, when the fight against counterfeit was reduced to a special holographic marking of audio and video carriers and UBEP raids on stalls that implement DVD-disks.

The newspaper calls the “kings of counterfeit”, which managed to make a fortune on the distribution of pirate records, the St. Petersburg businessman Yevgeny Taratov. According to the journalists of the stands, Taranov’s business was successful thanks to special relations with the Association of the Copper and Conference Rights Management, which marked counterfeit distributed through a network of stalls. Allegedly, in 2007, the ideal scheme was destroyed by law enforcement agencies that discovered underground production of counterfeit DVDs, and, according to the press service of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of St. Petersburg, the fake warehouse was located in the secret premises of the Association of Copyright and Competent Rights Association. After the court recognized the marking of this organization at the DVD disks illegal, about 50 thousand units of audio – and video products totaling 5 million rubles were arrested.

However, the counterfeit market did not disappear due to such operations, but due to the spread of torrent trackers. And the current law, concludes the “tribune”, focuses on the illegal distribution of works through the world web, while the pirates of the first wave that managed to legalize their capital, he will not affect. As the publication admits, at present, Evgeny Taranov is engaged in real estate, uses the services of qualified PR managers, among whom Olga Konstantinova is mentioned, and is not related to counterfeit.