Anatoly Volobuev: “I want the guys to feel the taste of the Premier League”. Part two

– Anatoly Ivanovich, in matches against Sevastopol, Alexandria and Obolona, ​​your team won four points. I am sure that you will not say that in comparison with the favorites “steel” feels like a gray mouse.

– Among all these rivals I really liked the Obolon – it was too difficult to win. The largest sediment left the match against Sevastopol: both specialists and fans, and I unanimously claim that we had to win in that home meeting. Well, “Alexandria” … I am sure that glasses should have been brought from there, but this thought may seem subjective.

– The main creator of Alchevsk success is rightly called you. Tell me, what or who is missing Anatoly Volobuev in order not only to bring the “steel” in the Premier League, but also to gain a foothold in it? In other words, the question of urgent problems.

– Just take a look at our home arena, and everything will become clear to you – the question is in the plane of infrastructure. The stadium indicates a lack of attention to the team from people who set us some tasks. Sorry: people who do not set us any tasks.

– The match on Wednesday has become for you 551st only in the first league and only at the head of the Alchevsk team, which was twice brought to the then higher league. Tell me, 20 years of coaching given to one club allow you to find new ideas, with constant enthusiasm?

– No one in front of me does not dig in front of me and does not put the barriers, and the youth with whom you have to constantly deal with me inspires me. In general, I want to thank you – now, at least, I know about my work (smiles). Add here more cup matches and almost a hundred fights in the Premier League-at the head of the Steel and the Lugansk Dawn, and we will get really solid numbers ..