Amanda Rosenberg improved the appearance of Google points, putting them in a horn frame

For several days, 26-year-old Amanda Rosenberg, a native of the UK, moving from London to a silicone valley, is in the focus of the press of the press. Before the mass media found out that for the sake of this girl Sergey Brin (co-founder of Google) left his legal wife Ann Vozhitsky, she was an unremarkable special.

As Amanda wrote on her blog, a year ago she called herself a miseanthropus who ate her lunches in the toilet alone, because she felt very lonely in the huge city of San Francisco. However, now the situation has changed dramatically. In Google, the girl has been working for a long time, since 2008 in the London branch, and now in one of the American ones, where she holds the position of marketing manager. The results presented by Amanda have proved that for the past few years she did not sit, idle, but actively worked.

It all started with the fact that in April the presentation of popular points of additional reality called Google Glass, the company introduced its new products to the public. However, glasses were criticized because of their inappropriate appearance. From that moment, the idea came to modify points a little in order to adapt it to a more conservative audience. This was needed only an alternative frame. Amanda Rosenberg became a designer of one of the versions of the proposed excuse. Amanda advertised her invention, taking a picture in it.

It is interesting that Amanda and Brin were seen in these glasses of high fashion week in New York, long before it became known about their relationship. At the moment, Amanda Rosenberg is engaged in the company’s promotion of Google points in a new frame.