Sergey Sobyanin: It is necessary to strengthen the information work on the election

Moscow officials decided to pay more attention to information work on the upcoming election of deputies of the Moscow City Duma. In order for the inhabitants of Moscow to receive more information about candidates, the mayor of the city addressed the media with a request to post the relevant materials at its sites more often.

In addition, the mayor turned to his deputy Alexander Gorbenko to help candidates organize advertising for television, radio, sites. The mayor also instructed to provide potential deputies with advertising places in the city. Along with this, they decided to establish video surveillance systems to strengthen security and control over what. Everything is done in order to improve the system of informing citizens about the upcoming elections. Valentin Gorbunov, who is the chairman of the Moscow City Election Commission, reported to the mayor about complex measures aimed at strengthening information work. Those citizens who prefer information on the Internet can take advantage of the site of the periodical publication “Bulletin of the Moscow City Electoral Commission”. On this resource, they will begin to post complete information about both candidates and their campaigns, and about the election progress. The placement of outdoor advertising in Moscow has started from today. In addition, local residents will hear the necessary information in public transport and by loudspeakers. The broadcasts of the debate will begin very soon – August 18. Local television channels, at the request of the mayor of the city, also allocated time to broadcast debate, although they are not required to do this.