The shark caught in the charm-al-Sheikh was not recognized as a cannibal

On December third, the Rosbalt news agency reports that experts from the Ministry of Ecology of Egypt managed to catch another shark that could attack Russian tourists.

So on December second, the Egyptian authorities said that the sea predator attacked the Russians was caught and plan to make a stuffed man from it. However, almost immediately experts said that the shark caught did not attack tourists. After that, in the area of ​​the Schoikh city resort, experts caught another shark, which at this time also checked for involvement in attacks. At the same time, the test of the water of the Red Sea in the area of ​​Sharm El Sheikh does not stop. Thus, all the beaches of this resort are still closed.

Journalists found out that the affected by the Akula attack Lyudmile Stolyarova in the hospital amputated his right hand and left leg, as well as fingers on his left hand. Olga Martsenko had to amputate his hand. At this time, both women are conscious. The third victim – Evgeny Trishkin, doctors amputated the leg. At this time, it is not known whether it is conscious or not.

Recall that on November thirtieth and the first of December the beaches of Sharm El Sheikh, several sharks attacks were made on Russian tourists. In addition to three Russians, one Ukrainian became a victim of prey fish. According to RIA Novosti provided by the RIA Novosti agency, the Ukrainian escaped with minor wounds. He has already been discharged from the hospital and sent to his homeland.

In conclusion, we note that Irina Tyurina, a spokeswoman for the Russian tourism industry, told reporters the new Izvestia publication that, despite the attacks of sharks, Russians are not going to refuse to relax in the resorts of Egypt, while emphasizing that at the moment it has not been recorded in the Union of the tourism industry not a single refusal of armor.