Submission of a tax return

Tax inspections scare the population by the fact that the deadline for submitting the declaration is already close – April 30.

When it comes to this issue, every citizen perceives this information differently: “I must submit”, “I am interested” or “I don’t concern me”. Moreover, the last category is far from always right, as reported in the article of extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities Petersburg.

You must submit a declaration of your income over the past year if you:

They sold expensive property.

Received a stable income from which official income was not withheld.

Made a profit from securities, shares or other financial documents.

Received inheritance on a large scale, monetary reward as a successor of valuable works of art.

Received a winner in the lottery or in other games based on risk.

Received a gift from a person who is not a relative.

Received income from certain sources from abroad.

Is an entrepreneur or engage in private practice.

The obligation to file a declaration does not at all say that soon you will have to part with money. You just have to report on the additional income received, but it is quite possible that the tax service will solve the case in your favor and save from payments.

Declare, that is, the taxpayer himself is obliged to calculate his taxes. The declaration form can be taken for free in the tax service at the place of residence. There are special programs that themselves are engaged in calculations, you only need to enter the initial data, wait for the result and print the finished form. You can turn to the services of intermediaries to fill out the declaration, but in this case you will have to fork out for drawing up a document in this case.

If the taxpayer did not manage to submit a declaration in time and pay all contributions, then penalties will be applied to it.